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With our office conveniently located close to the major road networks, we regularly undertake Building Surveys throughout Chester and Cheshire area. Our extensive experience working with buildings across the county has enabled us to inspect a huge variety of local property and develop a real understanding of the defects that can affect the various local vernacular styles.

Old red sandstone cottages and houses are a common sight in parts of Chester and Cheshire. To an untrained eye, the stone will look identical, but depending on where it was quarried, some will contain hard pebbles whilst other types will erode more quickly. Timber frame buildings are also a common sight in Cheshire and these vary enormously in style and complexity and contain features that are sometimes unique to a particular area.

Cheshire timber frame pattern square
Decorative Timber Framing in East Cheshire
Eroded Cheshire Sandstone containing pebbles. West Cheshire
Eroded Cheshire Sandstone containing pebbles. West Cheshire

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    Soft red and orange handmade Cheshire Bricks compete with the harder ‘Ruabon Reds’ throughout the county producing a vast array of fascinating buildings. The use of different coloured bricks to create decorative structural patterns (diapering) is common throughout Cheshire and is often used to create dates and initials.

    Cheshire brick diaper

    ‘Diaper Work’ commonly seen in Cheshire Buildings

    Problems with old brick buildings in Cheshire tend to result from underfired bricks that allow moisture to penetrate and eventually disintegrate, or where repointing has been undertaken using cement based mortar. It is sometimes possible to identify where the bricks were made and where the clay was dug, this can help to predict the durability of the bricks.

    We are familiar with many of the houses and other buildings designed by the C19 John Douglas and his contemporaries, many of these are located on local estates, although some of Douglas’s work can also be found further afield in places such as Peover and Whitegate in Cheshire.

    Nineteenth century pargetting is also a common feature in Chester and Cheshire. Unlike the more naïve styles found in the south east of England, Cheshire pargetting is mostly classical in style and often very elaborate. Having been involved in the redesign of a pargetted panel we understand the materials and techniques that were used and are able to properly assess the condition and risks to this type of decoration.


    Chester and Cheshire are incredibly rich in Architectural History, from the Cathedral and the Roman remains of Chester in the West of the county, to the stunning Little Morton Hall in the East. Chester and Cheshire has over 5000 listed buidings and more than 170 conservation Areas. Whilst most historic properties are privately owned, there are plenty of interesting buildings and monuments owned by National Trust and other organisations that are open to visitors including Castles, Country Houses, Mills and the more unique sites such as the Anderton Boat Lift, see


    Little Morton Hall Cheshire

    Little Morton Hall Cheshire

    Cheshire is also a great place to eat, shop and explore and is full of fascinating places to visit. To find out more about Chester and Cheshire visit If you are thinking of buying a property in Cheshire and are wondering what a proper Cheshire Accent sounds like listen here