Structural Surveys of Period Properties

Structural Surveys is a term still commonly used to describe types of surveys most suited to anyone thinking of buying a traditionally constructed building.

The majority of these buildings date from the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries and include the ubiquitous Victorian and Edwardian housing that defines many of our suburban areas.

In terms of construction and defects all of these buildings share many of the same characteristics. The vast majority of buildings constructed prior to the end of the First World War are what is termed ‘traditionally constructed’ in simple terms this means that the walls tend to be solid. Roofs were constructed on site and crucially, the building does not rely on membranes or cavity’s to remain dry. Physical damp proof courses are quite common in certain types of construction from this era but essentially these buildings function quite differently to modern buildings.

The surveying protocol is the same for all buildings and the type and cause of defects, very similar. As these buildings have not been protected by heritage legislation many of them have been badly mutilated and subject to inappropriate repairs. Many of these repairs and alterations have led directly to serious structural damage and damp problems. These have affected the historic value of the property. Understanding the consequences of these changes requires an experienced structural surveyor and careful consideration.

Some buildings are considered to be undesignated heritage assets or buildings of local interest. Whilst they don’t meet the listing criteria they often have important elements that require careful inspection.

Our Pre 1919 Structural Building Surveys are exceptionally detailed. Many clients look to remove damaging alterations and reinstate elements that may have been removed in previous ‘modernisations’. Our structural survey reports include accurate background information on the development of the property and provide you with guidance on how and when to make changes.


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