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Building Surveys and other types of historic building surveys

Listed Building surveys (Pre-purchase)

Listed building surveys consist of two parts, a physical inspection of the property and a detailed report. This type of survey is suitable for traditionally constructed older buildings and provides the greatest level of detail.

Surveying listed, historic and traditionally constructed buildings requires experience, academic training and considerable mental agility to make sense of what can often turn out to be an amalgamation of different building phases.

“Choosing the right level of listed building survey is important, finding the right Surveyor is essential, at Nicholson Price Associates we will deliver the right type of survey for your listed building. Our professional team is here to help you all the way!”

Our Approach

We are mindful that every Listed Building is unique and that it is likely to have been subject to later alterations using materials and techniques that can sometimes have unintended consequences.

We take great care to identify and record historically or architecturally significant fabric and explain the cause and implication of any defects that may be present.

Nearly all pre-purchase building surveys will be non-destructive. Our training and experience allows us to provide a balanced realistic assessment of the risks posed by the potential presence of latent defects, and advise whether further destructive surveying may be appropriate.

“We understand that different building phases can have very specific age related defects, and that what may be considered a defect in one building, may be a normal characteristic in another”.

“Listed building surveys are usually undertaken by two people, this allows us to gather more site information and provide you with a more accurate and detailed report”.

When carrying out our listed building surveys we look carefully for signs of unauthorised or badly executed repairs and alterations and alert you to the legal and practical consequences. Importantly, a Listed Building Survey also includes a desktop planning audit, this involves researching the historic environment records and the Planning Authority records to see whether any applications for planning permission or listed building consent have been submitted, armed with this information we have a good idea of what the building should look like when we arrive for the inspection.

It is important to keep in mind that any alterations that have not received listed building consent or have not been executed in accordance with the approved specifications or any conditions, are liable to be removed or made good. If the alterations were made after the building was listed regardless of who made the alterations, you as the incoming owner become fully liable.

Your legal representative will issue a TA6 form to the vendor, this includes questions regarding any alterations or repairs that have been carried out, unfortunately, this cannot guarantee that the property is free from illegal alterations. Commissioning a Listed Building Survey from Nicholson Price Associates ensures that the possible presence of unauthorised alterations has been thoroughly investigated.

Our survey reports are bespoke, clear, and concise and provide well informed and pragmatic options for dealing with any defects. Our conclusions and recommendations are based on sensitive and intelligent surveying and a clear understanding of the expected performance standards for the type and age of the building being inspected. In most cases, we avoid deferring to others on important issues and ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive report possible.

Further Reading: https://historicengland.org.uk/advice/your-home/owning-historic-property/thinking-of-buying/

"Choosing the right level of historic building survey is important, finding the right Surveyor is essential."