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Nicholson Price Associates are specialists in surveying older properties, undertaking surveys of all types of historic buildings right across Yorkshire and the surrounding counties.

Being regular visitors to the area we understand the diverse nature of the architecture and the building materials and consider how age and location can all impact on condition.

Like many English counties, the Yorkshire landscape is full of contrasts, rugged and wild in places, sedate in others and with some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in the UK. Most people are familiar with the great houses such as Castle Howard and Burton Constable Hall but North Yorkshire alone contains more than 12,000 listed buildings as well as many more historic but unlisted buildings.

Having been fortunate to have inspected historic and listed property in many of the most scenic parts of the county, we understand and recognise the local building traditions and the type of problems that can develop. Providing an accurate assessment of an historic building requires a deep and broad understanding, but also a good knowledge of local distinctiveness, how this has developed and how this can affect the condition of an historic building.

Contact us for Yorkshire Listed Building Surveys including Sheffield, Batley, Skipton, Barnsley, Harrogate and the Surrounding County.

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    Buying any old building involves a degree of risk, buying a listed building involves an additional layer of risk due to the legislation that protects it. Our survey reports not only provide the highest level of detail, but they also alert you to any potential breaches of development control including listed building consent for which you as the incoming owner will assume full responsibility.

    There are very few Building Surveyors specifically trained and experienced enough to provide an accurate and balanced assessment of a property with a long and complex architectural development, and it is unrealistic to expect a general surveyor to have the same level of experience as a surveyor who specialises in historic buildings. We survey all types of historic buildings, mostly listed but not exclusively so and although many of the properties that we inspect are high value, we also inspect more humble cottages and town houses.

    Yorkshire Historic Building Surveys


    We understand that our clients are trusting us to advise them on what is the most expensive purchase they are ever likely to make and we work very hard to repay that trust by providing the very best service we can. We keep our clients informed at every step of the way, we respond quickly and take the time to listen to and address our clients concerns. As a small family business, we provide a bespoke competitively priced service for anyone considering buying or developing an historic or listed building.

    We have inspected a range of listed and historic buildings across South, West and North Yorkshire, these include large country houses, small millstone grit cottages and everything in between. We are always happy to talk to you on the phone about a property you may be interested in and we continue to offer advice to our clients after the survey report has been issued.


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