Grade II* Listed Early C20 Chapel, Gwynedd

Grade II* Listed Early C20 Chapel, Gwynedd

Built in 1936 and designed by the notable Welsh Architect Clough Williams Ellis, most well known for his work at Portmeirion Village.

The building has recently become redundant and NPA were instructed to complete an Historic Building Survey to identify the chapels condition, significance suitability for adaption.

The building is constructed from a mixture of traditional and more modern techniques and materials. This required very careful assessment and investigation to identify materials which may have a short service life or be harbouring serious latent defects. The walls are a mixture of solid masonry and cavity construction, the roof is covered predominantly with small slates, but a reinforced concrete roof covered the school room at the rear. Typical of many buildings of this period, the windows are all metal, many of them requiring significant conservation. Asbestos was commonly used during the first half of the C20 and was found covering the late C19 design water heater in the cellar.