Heritage Statements and Other Documentation

Heritage Statements

This is an area where employing a consultant can really help you save time and money and ensure your proposal has the greatest possible chance of approval.

We have a detailed knowledge of Historic Environment planning law in England and Wales, this has enabled us to achieve an excellent reputation with a number of planning authorities for submitting comprehensive, well researched proposals.

Understanding how the proposed repairs or alterations will impact on the significance of your building is the key to making a successful submission. It is also important to understand how the proposal relates to local and national planning policy and guidance and explain this within the heritage statements.

We prepare and coordinate all the necessary documentation for all types of statutory applications including, planning permission, listed building and conservation area consent as well as appeals.


“Even very minor changes normally require some type of drawing, if these are inaccurate or lack the required detail this will delay a planning application and add to the costs.”

Whilst architects are highly skilled at making best use of space, they do not necessarily have the correct skills to understand the difficulties and opportunities of making changes. We understand the technical as well as legal challenges involved in making these changes, we also have the skills to produce the necessary drawings, renderings, and specifications as well as being able to manage the procurement of contractors and administration of the construction phase.

We have extensive experience preparing 2D drawings and 3D CAD models for planning and construction purposes. We charge a flat fee for our architectural services which is normally considerably lower than employing an architect on a percentage based sliding scale. Successfully assimilating extensions and other alterations with an historic building can be challenging. There are various schools of thought as to whether an addition should slavishly copy the style of the existing building or whether the addition should have a distinct character. We carefully consider, the development of the existing building including historical uses and associations as well as style, scale, material and colour palettes. In most cases the design will be client led but with our expertise we are able to guide our clients to ensure that any development meets the stringent design standards required when making alterations.

"Choosing the right level of survey is important, finding the right Surveyor is essential."